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Why Chosing fxbot ?

With our robots, you will achieve at least 30% profit per week and 120% per month.


Avec nos robot , vous realiserez au moins 50% de profit votre capital par semaine et 120% par mois.

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Choose your trading bot plan

We provide for you 3 types of robots according to your needs (forex scalping, copy trade and binary option)

Nous mettons à votre disposition trois type de robots selon vos besoin 


life time

  • Forex Scalper
  • Supervised
  • Not Nedd VPS
  • 130% Profit / Month


life time


life time


life time

  • Binary Option
  • Supervised
  • Life Time
  • 85 - 90% Accuracy

Our clients say

"I had no experience in trading, I bought the fxbot robot, and I realized 75% profit the first week. thanks you fxbot.info"
Hilary Leigh
"fxbot helped me to learn trading and allowed me to live with this"
Hall jona
Junior Trader
"since 12 years that I am expert in forex, I have never seen a bot like this who is able to do 250% of profit per month with 7% risk."
Quintin Angus
Expert Forex Trader
"fxbot is the best and the best, i will recommend you to subsrcibe"
Jillie Tempest
Community Manager

Frequently asked questions

The bot Work with all capial, but when your capital is small, we use cent account or mirco account.

We have 3 kind of bot: Forex sclaper (75 dollars), Copy trade(100 dollars) and Binary Option Bot (120 dollars)

When you buy the bot, you can use it on as many PC and trading account as you wish. 

Only copy trade bot requiere VPS

No, all you have to do is respect Money Management

About US

  • Create millionaires and billionaires
  • Rain as much people
  • sale bot of trading
  • allow everyone to have the financial freedom

Our Services

  • Selling Bot of Trading
  • Professional Copy Trade
  • Binary and forex Signal
  • Account Management (50% profit share)


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  • +1 315-791-7427
  • +237 697 654 460​
  • support@fxbot.info
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