Ukrainian Women’s Lysistrata Minute: Sex Hit Against Russian Men

Ukrainian Women’s Lysistrata Minute: Sex Hit Against Russian Men

Phone me personally when you’ve kept Crimea, Ivan. The ‘Don’t Give It to a Russian’ campaign enlists Ukraine’s ladies in the boycott of Russian-made products.

Regarding the heels of of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, even though the U.S. And EU threaten sanctions from the Kremlin, Ukrainian women have used their very own measure that is extreme pique Putin’s interest: swearing off intercourse with Russian guys.

The ladies behind the sex-strike campaign, called Don’t provide It to a Russian, are performing their component to play a role in a bigger boycott of Russian-made items, urging other Ukrainian ladies via their Facebook web web page to “fight the enemy by whatever means”—to keep their legs crossed no matter what, in this situation.

The campaign apparently borrowed its “Don’t provide It to a Russian” motto from Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko’s 1838 verse—Kateryna: “Fall in love, O dark-browed maidens, not with Moskaly the Russians. ” Therefore the effort already has its own line that is own of bearing the motto and their not-so-subtle logo design (two arms cupped together to resemble a vagina).

The effort has effectively ignited a news madness and pissed down a couple of ivans, whom denounced its feminine organizers as prostitutes. In turn, the team has appealed for their sisters that are russian Facebook: “Our males are nevertheless in the home, but yours be seemingly gonna war. ”

If the motion could have any quantifiable impact on Ukraine’s strained relations with Russia stays to be noticed.

But this is certainly scarcely the very first time females have actually withheld intercourse as a bargaining chip for comfort and politics—a power play because old as Lysistrata, however seldom as effective in actual life like in the ancient Greek play. (suite…)

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