6 strategies for Safer Intercourse Between Females For You

6 strategies for Safer Intercourse Between Females For You

Growing up, all of the safe intercourse talk ended up being about intercourse between someone by having a penis and someone having a vagina. All the stats reflected this sort of sex too.

There was clearly no mention, EVER, of intercourse between two females.

Therefore, of course, we completely enjoyed this movie whenever i came across it a few months ago:

Pretty fun and hilarious, but additionally useful!

Therefore today i wish to give out some tips on have actually safe intercourse between females. Prepared?

Fact: women that have sexual intercourse with ladies can certainly still get STIs.

They are in a reduced danger than women that have sexual intercourse with guys since they don’t trade the maximum amount of fluid that is bodily . However they are nevertheless at an increased risk for several infections.

In accordance with Columbia University’s Go Ask Alice system , which include wellness advertising professionals and specialists in addition to health care providers,

STIs which can be less likely to want to be sent between feminine intercourse partners consist of gonorrhea, hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV. It’s been noted, though, that women who possess sex with females who’ve been identified as having some of these less frequent STIs usually have formerly had intercourse with guys sooner or later (especially in their young years).

But based on the source that is same ladies who have only intercourse along with other ladies are at a greater chance of contracting microbial vaginosis, chlamydia, vaginal herpes, HPV, pubic lice, and trichomoniasis. (suite…)

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