Kosovars Turn Blind Eye to Fake Foreign Marriages

Kosovars Turn Blind Eye to Fake Foreign Marriages

Every time she would go to rest, Valbona, 35, from Peja, western Kosovo, talks about her wedding picture taken 13 years back. She sees her smiling husband beside her.

Today, that minute is a memory. 2 yrs ago, her spouse remarried A german woman. Not merely did Valbona, mom of these four young ones aged four to 11, recognize of his plan, she authorized it. Simply because Valbona is not actually divorced into the eyes of her family members or the wider community.

Many Kosovar men that are albanian their very very very first spouses by shared permission, departing for western European countries where they find brand brand brand new partners whom allow them to acquire residency documents.

They leave kids behind in Kosovo in order to pose as solitary males and remarry fast. After they have actually permanent residency in Germany, or any other EU states, they divorce their 2nd wives, return to their very very very first people and bring the household to your western.

Germany is a destination that is popular Kosovars seeking international spouses, and in the end an EU passport, since there is currently a sizable Albanian expatriate populace living here.

The ladies that these Kosovar Albanians marry in the West think they will have discovered perfect, mindful husbands.

Nevertheless, after the males have gained residency that is permanent their host country – after five many years of wedding to a resident in Germany – they often times need a divorce or separation.

Valbona is confident that her spouse can do exactly the same: keep their brand new spouse after three more years and go back to Kosovo to simply simply just just take her, while the kiddies, up to a new way life in the affluent West.

“The ‘divorce’ had been difficult, but as each of us knew its function, it had been significantly easier, ” describes Valbona who – into the lack of her spouse – lives along with her children across the street to her husband’s brothers. “It’s a huge sacrifice but I’m carrying it out with regard to a much better future she adds for me and the children. (suite…)

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